Nearing pre-alpha

Now we’ve actually started to make things look good, not only work. Most of the screens are working, and are connected to each other, with production, travel and research working. Now we mostly need to actually populate the game, and add the better looking graphics.

Apart from extending the functionality, we’ve also given some focus to optimizing and cleaning up the code so far.

Down here you can take a gander at some sketches for some research and map UI components!

The beginning of a solar system map!
Using this triangle you’ll be able to set the priority between three research areas.

Buh bye for now.

The frontier of science!

We started making the research bit of the game last night, and came quite far. At first, we thought about making a classic research tree, but came up with an even better idea. So far we don’t really have anything graphical to show, because most of it was mathematics the level of Einstein. Well, at least high school trigonometry, but… I digress!

Ooniverza is meant to be a management app for space colony bosses such as yourself, and then you don’t have time for pesky micro managing, right? So, we came up with a system where you decide what type of science you want to focus on, and your brave, smart squints find the cool research for you. All while you lean back and find new planets to colonize!

Speaking of colonizing, our ship can now mount a colonization kit, which when triggered dismantles your ship into the beginning of a new colony, and deposits any cargo, mineral or human. You also have a chance of retaining some parts of the ship to use for other endeavors, depending on how well you’ve trained your engineers of course!

We’ll be off doing other work for about a week or two, working on this game in between as much as we can.

Buh bye for now!

Omg, we’re in space!

Today has actually been mostly filled with building developer tools for adding ship parts easily. But, spaceships can now be assembled out of three types of parts: Bridge, fuel tank and engine. If spaceships have enough fuel capacity and fuel stored, a captain assigned, and enough thrust from engines they can be launched into orbit.

Next step will be to set a destination, and launch the ship. This will make the ship unavailable until it reaches its destination. If the destination is a colonizable planet it will then get the option to build a colony (that will be fully equipped for testing purposes).

Rudimentary bridge controls added. System map, and functionality for selecting a target planet (but not moons yet) added, as well as rudimentary colonization (for any ship at the moment). Take over the universe!


There is now rudimentary spaceship production, and a docking bay for all your ship assembly needs! Each ship will require a captain, who is recruited from the Leader Pool. The pool isn’t constructed yet, but will arrive within about 2-3 weeks. Until then there will be one temporary leader available. The first ship type will be a colony ship.

Below is a sketch for a life support part for a ship. We’re not entirely sure we’ll go with this style, but for now it’s a cool look. 🙂

Today’s progress!

Mines are producing resources with diminishing returns (wouldn’t be much of a challenge otherwise 😉 ). What do you think of our idea for material/element icons?

Production queues are in place and production ends up in the right place, depending on what kind of item is produced, and where it’s being produced. We also finished a production item editor. Item dependencies are built and taken into account when producing, for example needing a specific material or having to build another item first. Maximum number of items of a certain type (if set) is also enforced.

Let me tell you, the latest Unity versions have some really cool functions for the developer interface, like making really useful lists in the inspector. Very pleasant to work with right now!