Today’s progress!

Mines are producing resources with diminishing returns (wouldn’t be much of a challenge otherwise 😉 ). What do you think of our idea for material/element icons?

Production queues are in place and production ends up in the right place, depending on what kind of item is produced, and where it’s being produced. We also finished a production item editor. Item dependencies are built and taken into account when producing, for example needing a specific material or having to build another item first. Maximum number of items of a certain type (if set) is also enforced.

Let me tell you, the latest Unity versions have some really cool functions for the developer interface, like making really useful lists in the inspector. Very pleasant to work with right now!

Progress and refactoring

We started rebuilding the code base from scratch (something that is necessary in software projects from time to time), and today marked the point where we passed the previous projects progress! Tomorrow will see us add some functionality to mines, and production, as well as see the first rudimentary spaceship journey. We’re pushing hard through the weekend in the (probably not possible) hope that we can reach a playable pre-alpha before Monday!

Midway blogging

Our current project is, as many of you know, the game “Ooniverza”. We’ve been at it for a while, but only recently realized that, hey, we should have a dev blog for people to follow! So, here it is, not from the very beginning, but you can follow the game’s progress here from now on. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook page as well!

Peace for now.